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  • I Owed You One by Madhu Vajpayee
    Dev Khanna has it all before a mysterious letter shakes the very foundation he has built his life on. With his beliefs challenged, he decides to close the chapter once and for all. I Owed You One is the story of promises and commitments, of triumphs and defeat, and of holding on and letting go.Goodreads I AmazonI Owed You One is the story of Dev Khanna and his journey.Dev Khanna was born into an affluent family in India that was able to give him a good start to his life. He completed his education, found a job, moved abroad, met a girl, fell in love and got married. With Radhika by his side, he was living a good life when a letter from back home changes everything. It brings back some sordid details of his past and makes him face the debt owes.It is really difficult to say anything else about......
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