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  • The Kite fell on the ground. She said, ‘Wish it had strong wings!’ That was enough to evoke pleasant memories of childhood. In fact, everything in life is so well connected. We wake up, get up and rush to work every day. Nothing is there now as it was here in childhood. It is like a mad rush now. Work, work, and work. Home is perhaps just to rush back to after tiring hours of work and then sleep. As a matter of fact, reaching home is now not exciting. It is, of course, satisfying. Just enter, change, grab food, and then dump your body in the bed. Whether it is a soothing sleep, relaxing, full of sweet dreams, it doesn’t matter now. In fact, this itself has become a dream. To have a sound sleep is a matter of past now. In this maddening rat-race like lifestyle, impossible. Photo on......
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