• Kalyan  Panja
    The Summer of Brahma chicken
    •   Travel
    •   Monday, 20 March 2017
    Brahma Chicken is a giant breed of chicken with Asian origins, which takes its name from India, where it was born. It is a chicken with an enormous, rich and smooth plumage, characterized also by the feet thoroughly covered with feathers. Exported for the first time in 1846 in North America by the British, the breed has gained in a short time considerable success throughout the West, thanks to its beauty and goodness of its meat. The Brahma has contributed enormously to the creation of many breeds born in Europe and North America during the twentieth century, but today it is mainly an ornamental breed, and is exclusively bred for beauty and sports purposes. It is one of the most famous ornamental breeds reared in the world.Although it is certain that the breed originated from Asia, its origins remain quite controversial. Undoubtedly it has come for the first time in America......
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