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Fine Line
​The hopes, the dreams, the lies The bittersweet taste of wine Relationship that two hearts ties - Love and hate walking on fine line... The future unknown to all A frightened person standing alone, Puts up an unreachable wall, Soundtrack singing in tone. Suddenly out of blue, A stranger comes through th...
0 Comments · Poetry · Other · Personal · Saturday, 13 February 2016
Free Hugs
An old man, dressed in very simple casual smart manner, was standing alone in the middle of a crowded street by the train station, the busiest street in the city. The man was observing the craziness that was happening around him. The man saw people r
0 Comments · Short Story · Wednesday, 21 October 2015
Lonely hearts beat, almost together
In darkness, in silence, in doubts –Up in the sky, tangled in clouds.Lonely hearts beat – almost together,Looking for love to last forever.The stars shining brightLight in the nightGiving the hopeTo those in love, to elope.Over the oceans
0 Comments · Poetry · Wednesday, 07 October 2015
Walking through white noise
Sometimes we walk by people without really noticing them almost like walking through the white noise in the background. In the society today we have grown to become overly concentrated on our own bubble of problems and everyday life that we barely ac
0 Comments · Personal · Sunday, 04 October 2015
A walk down the memory lane
A walk down the memory laneEncountering people close to heartsBlinded by the sudden pain Memories shuttered by flying dartsStanding silently alone Thinking and dreaming of tomorrow All secrets have become knownAnd us? We are drowning in sorrowWhat is
0 Comments · Poetry · Saturday, 26 September 2015

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