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Cheer Pheasant the rarest breed bird
A road to Jilling has been discussed in a previous article which is most natural pathways to reach a place which is the greenest of the environment ever seen by the author. With plenty of nature’s presence always makes sure, you are on the pathways to heaven while walking into the midges of Jilling. It is an experience never ever to be forgotten and one needs to find an exact detail of how a biological environment could be. If we could compare with this environment with that of the present environment we could find plenty of dissimilarities and what a pity to be where we have been in the place called as the best part of civilization. The walk up to pathways to Jilling is full of the stunning bit of Kumaon Hills on the side where you would find the presence of white-clad mountains if it takes place in the...
0 Comments · Science / Technology · Wednesday, 22 August 2018
Can I use Jio apps if I do not have a Jio sim?
Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited provides ample opportunities for users of a resident of India to have faster and better internet connectivity without losing too much waiting over streamed contents. Due to faster internet connectivityof the fourth generation of internet usages, we could see the spread of the internet far and wide all through the entire denomination of India. Owing to this more and more users are now quite deliberating and easily enjoying the presentation of multimedia contents. There is a caveat to using this as the users must have the reliance jio sim and the phone must be compatible with the fourth generation of internet connectivity that can usher the data flow in the form of volte connectivity. That is why people with 3G and 2G phones are not able to use this sim. Reliance Jio has so many apps and with it, people can watch and enjoy multimedia contents and...
0 Comments · Science / Technology · Tuesday, 21 August 2018
What is the time buddy, it is almost seven pm. Let us move faster as the train timing is approaching and we have to reach the station on time in order to catch the train. That’s true but the sudden approach of ‘Kala Baisakhi’, the summer thunderstorm in this part of the world makes the movement within specified road much difficult. It seems entire ground is frozen in with cold winter. It is a very much welcome change, of course, no doubt about it. From the distant, the visibility factor is fast reducing but we have to move it on to catch the train. The train will hardly stay for utmost five to seven minutes and the time is fast approaching. From the sky the thunderous lightening removing the darkness of the sky getting more and more fear to the eyes as this indirectly letting us know and convey us to...
0 Comments · Science / Technology · Tuesday, 21 August 2018
How do I fix my micro SD card that became a read-only memory card?
This could have become the land of high mountain passes. The beautiful scenic representation of life where the scope of seeing everywhere provides the must-have and the most wonderful presentation of the real earth and the real world where we could find the presence of life everywhere. The widened vast land with its stretchable presence of nature and hardly presence of humans except one or two vehicles roaming here and there on the national highway. In the meantime, I opened the mobile to see some of the movies which have been there in the SD card of mobile. After a few moments reached to the video player of android device and then open its file explorer to choose from the list of available movies out there. Surprisingly, the files explorer showed no videos. I have had 32 GB SD cards installed it and this means that there should be plenty of...
0 Comments · Science / Technology · Monday, 20 August 2018
Learning interface of Android Studio Integrated Development Environment
In this tutorial, we will be learning in detail about the interface of Android Studio. As we know it is officially integrated development environment for building, testing, debugging of android apps. First, we need to learn about its interface so that ultimately while performing the tasks of coding with this we will not face any sort of difficulties and confusions. In this tutorial, we will not learn about any code but we will learn about the interface of Android Studio. It is the main screen of Android Studio as the prototype of android phone is visible. Main Screen Android Studio screenshot the android phone area: Projects that should be written is already there at the left-hand side of the main screen and the name of that side window is ‘Project Explorer’ and from there look for ‘app’ folder and click on the triangle button of it to expand the folders out...
0 Comments · Science / Technology · Monday, 20 August 2018

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