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E-commerce on chat | Aiyo Labs
If you're a multi-billion dollar business, like Amazon, you can afford the hundred of millions spent on marketing, promotions and advertisements needed to make these deals profitable. But what if you're a small or medium business without millions to spend on billboards and TV ads? Can you get in on the action? Are there ways in which you can maybe ...
0 Comments · Other · Friday, 26 April 2019
Intelligent Automation:The Key to Your Customer Support Woes | Aiyo Labs
The people who keep you hanging for 30 minutes on bad music, then finally answer your call only to redirect you to another customer service executive and start the whole process again, have plagued consumers for years now. However, as much as we like to complain about customer service and support, the truth is that it is the key ingred...
0 Comments · Other · Saturday, 19 January 2019
Chat Will Reign Supreme - What The Future Holds | Aiyo Labs
​At it's core, an app is supposed to help you get something done, as easily as possible. But with threats of data sharing with other companies, of lengthy sign up processes, and not to forget large app sizes and restricted availability in cases, are apps really as easy as they could be? Taking a step back to what the world was before apps. If you w...
0 Comments · Other · Thursday, 10 January 2019
Making it Stick(er)
How we say things, is just as important as what we say. This is not only true for a face to face conversation, but also when we talk to each other on apps. But a lot of subtlety which is conveyed by our facial expressions, body language or demeanor is lost when we type.A remark such as "Fool!" could either be accusatory, insulting, lov...
0 Comments · Other · Friday, 23 November 2018

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