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Sometimes It Is Better to Listen Your Kids Opinion
​ We have been living in our home for 5 years but what we face right after buying this house is unforgettable experience. My husband (John) and I was putting all our efforts to find a spacious home within our budget. Everyday John had a routine to come home, take me to visit professional real estate agent in University Park TX. Agent further used t...
0 Comments · Short Story · Monday, 22 July 2019
It's Never Too Late To Know How Important Gutters Can Be For Your House
​When we moved to our new home in Glen Ellyn, we were excited to see the roof and cozy appearance of the home from the outside. The home was equally breath-taking from the inside. It was elegant and simple, yet it had all the facilities one could think of. We were having a very good time unpacking the boxes and setting up space.However, we were hit...
0 Comments · Short Story · Other · Thursday, 18 July 2019
When A Bitter experience Proved to Be a Blessing in Disguise
​ Summers used to be an excitement for me, a mere thought of pool party and evenings at beach used to give me goose bumps. Everyone loves fun time spent with friends. During last summer I had dual excitement because my leave for a week got accepted from my boss. It was a happy as well as an astonishing news that quickly spread across my office. "Oh...
0 Comments · Short Story · Other · Tuesday, 16 July 2019
When Home Insurance Saved Me From Ramifications Of Burned House Due To Aura Cleaning!
​"Why!Oh My God, why water sprinklers are not working?" I shouted hysterically as I watched my floors slowly turning into piles of ashes. With tears of disbelief and pain in my eyes, I almost lifeless answered questions thrown at me by the best home insurance company in Lisle IL.After I lost my job, got separated from my husband, I have been drowni...
0 Comments · Short Story · Other · Thursday, 11 July 2019
Why You Should Never Try To Install Your AC All By Yourself
​Before I start giving lame excuses as to why I really wanted to install an AC by myself, I will simply accept the fact that I never had and I never will make a bigger blunder than this particular one. Ever since I was a little kid, I had his strange fascination with machines, especially appliances. This sounds funny and weird as well but that is h...
0 Comments · Short Story · Other · Tuesday, 02 July 2019

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