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[Fixed] “Unfortunately, the Has Stopped�
Fix Unfortunately the Process com android phone Has StoppedAs we all know, no mobile operating systems in this world is error-free, so does the Android OS. There are many problems which keep occurring on your android smartphone while you are using it. This is nothing but getting rid of the random errors which keep popping up on your smartphone just like "Unfortunately the Has Stopped" error message. Fix the process of “ Has Stopped� — People often search on Google as How do I get rid of unfortunately the process com Android phone has stopped? How do you stop 'Unfortunately com Android phone has stopped'? How do I fix 'unfortunately Android has stopped'? How do I fix 'Android process media has stopped'? How do you stop Unfortunately com Android phone has stopped? How do I fix unfortunately Android system has stopped? And so on... Many of us face this error message on our Android phone. Sometimes it is...
0 Comments · Science / Technology · Tuesday, 21 August 2018
[Positive/Negative] Effect of Social Media on Life & Society | Essay
Positive Negative Effect of Social Media on LifeWe all know millions of people have an influence on social media in day to day life. Not just specific kind of people belongs to social fields are affected, even normal people like us have the impact of media on our daily life. Impact Of Social Media On Life — People used to search; what is social media and what is it used for? What is the impact of social media on society? What are the effects of social media on youth? How does the social media affect our everyday lives? What is the influence of social media? How long has there been social media? How does WhatsApp/ Facebook/ Twitter affect our lives? List the positive effect of social media on society? List the negative effects of social media on students? Impact of social media essay, And so on... Social media is nothing but an electronic platform that built for connecting...
0 Comments · Science / Technology · Saturday, 18 August 2018
Top 12 Things You Must STOP TO DO on Android Right Now
THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER DO ON ANDROIDFriends many of you might be taking an Android phone into work & might be completing different types of tasks with the help of your phone. But here I am going to tell you about certain things which you should never do with your android phone. So let's start. Things to avoid on Android Phones — Android users are used to searching; what are the things which never do on phones? What damage the Android? Things to check while using android? Crazy things must be stopped on Android? Know before rooting the phone? Things when getting a new Android phone? Top bad habits must be stopped on Android? And so on... In the everyday life, nearly everyone uses mobile phones and most of the users use Android smartphones. These smartphones are now becoming an important part of our life. But sometimes these mobiles devices are getting damaged by our own mistakes....
0 Comments · Science / Technology · Wednesday, 15 August 2018
Online Shop Act Registration @Rs.29 For Bloggers/ YouTube Channel Owners/ Proprietor/ Online Business
Online Shop Act RegistrationAnyone who wants to start a small shop anywhere in India they have required to register their shop name with the government of India. If you starting a new shop or Dukan in India, then you have to register your shop or business against Government Act. Shop Registration Online: Apply Now Shop Act License — How to apply application form for Shop and establishment registration? How to apply for shop and establishment license? How to do shop act licence renewal online? Where to get gumasta licence form download? How much shop act licence fees for online business or blogging? What is the shop and establishment? What is a Gumasta license? And so on... Contract Labour Licence - Shop Act License is a type of legal permission which legally allows you to do business in a particular place. If you have a physical shop or an office or even you are offering...
0 Comments · Science / Technology · Saturday, 11 August 2018
Guide: How to Create and Verify PayPal Account 2018 | Rs.200 For Signup
Create and Verify PayPal AccountNowadays, everyone is making lots of money online. The growth of the internet world is so fast these days. And every single minute we came across tons of offers and new things or hacks to earn money online. People like bloggers, content writers, publishers, freelancers, online marketers, affiliate marketers etc. are earning huge money online by implementing marketing strategies. Many online people are now looking for an option to receive and send the money or the funds they earned online with a secure gateway. And PayPal is the best choice. Creating A PayPal Account — People used to search; How do you verify your PayPal account? How do you verify your credit card on PayPal? How can I verify my bank account on PayPal? How do I know my PayPal account is activated? And so on... Here we find an option with a name as PayPal. PayPal is one of the...
0 Comments · Science / Technology · Monday, 30 July 2018

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