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  • The Indian Bloggers League is a unique concept formulated by some fellow blogging comrades and thus, was established a group where all bloggers first joined in. And within a midnight, there was a multitudinous process in place even before ground rules were initiated. And by the next morning, 8 city teams were finalised, which includes Delhi.
    The Delhi Team, wishes to be a special one because this competition is a group-winning effort and thus, every member is pivotal for it to succeed. People representing Delhi are considered to be (apart from being awesome bloggers, that is! :D ) smart, witty, quick and talented for sure!
    So what better opportunity could we get to flaunt it, right?
    Here are some basic concepts of rules and regulations that need to be understood by us in order to make the best efforts! Winning should always be the ultimate aim, but learning and experiencing such an event itself is exciting!...  more
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    Make one?
    Find one?
    Youtube..check this one..
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