This month's contest is "Tibet: Roof of the world. Its people : Roofless".


    We have made some changes to this contest on the request of readers since the most of our readers are not well acquainted with Tibet hence were not in a position to write about it. Please read below for the changes in the contest.


    Download & read the first 30 pages of the book, The Stopover, and write a short story, poem or essay based on any of the photos given in the PDF. You have the full freedom to be innovative and creative and come up with some interesting articles. The maximum number of words allowed is 3000. 


    The entries would be evaluated based on 1. the content 2. the effectiveness in striking a chord with the reader The 3 winners shall have their articles posted on the website of THE STOPOVER.



    The authors of the Photo-Fiction book “The Stopover” – Ram Prakash & Deepa Pinto. They champion the Tibetan cause and have done extensive research on the lives of Tibetans. The Stopover is a first-of-its-kind Photo-Fiction book that sets its readers exploring areas of life they may have looked at but not seen, inviting them to contemplate on issues that tug one’s heartstrings. The first story in the book “The Tibetan Wheel of Wisdom” deals with the history of Tibet and the lives of Tibetans here in India – their struggles and their hopes.


    Read the Rules and regulations carefully before submitting your entries. 


    The contest closes on 30th November 2012 and the winners would announced by 10th December 2012.



    DO NOT forget to include the following code at the end of your post so that we can may know that the link you submitted belongs to you and that the entry was created specifically for this contest.



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  • Please Note this contest ends on - 11/30/12

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