Expeditions First Look: What's In It For You

​Albion Online is an INCREDIBLY simple game when it comes to the combat, so most regular players will have a decent enough grasp of the combat system to make good use of quality gear. 

In Albion, you have to put in the same time as everyone else in order to be able to use a certain item tier. The time you invest is progression. The progression points give you the ability to invest those points into item proficiency. You pick what types of gear you want to be proficient with. Anyway, as albion online gamers, cheap albion online gold for sale, and these gold are essential to playing game. 

According to latest albion news, First Look: Recruitment of the Dead, and if you want to read more latest expedition and recruitment, recommend an official website, and you can visit here:

Adventurer, we need your help! An ancient graveyard is suddenly crawling with the undead. Something – or someone – is bring them back to life. Find out what is happening and bring a stop the source.

Enter the misty graveyard, which is crawling with skeletons. As you venture deeper, the atmosphere starts to change and dangerous Undead mobs cross your path.

Careful! Right before you enter the churchyard, a Cursed Sharpshooter appears.

You made it through alive, for now. The churchyard is overrun by Undead mobs, which means you are getting closer to the source. There are several ways to progress, choose your path wisely. 

Eventually, thanks to your effort, and it's to the ruins of what once was a beautiful church. But now,it's imbued with death, more importantly, it's surrounded by a thick mist. According to the heart of this church, and you can find the Cursed Deathlord that has been the source of all this evil. Albion Online is a adventure game, gamers are willing to buy cheap albion online gold so as to experience so interesting game.

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Friday, 26 May 2017

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