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5 Ways to Keep your Kid Safe Online


The age of science and technology has brought peace, welfare, and prosperity in the life of human beings. But, on the other hand, it has also given birth to new type of scams and crimes which are heinous. Therefore, these days the prime concern of every parent is how to keep their children safe online.

It is a known fact that the internet is a great place to learn. There are tons of information that you can easily access because of the internet. However, it is also a known fact that the number of cyberbullying, sexual harassment, etc. incidents faced by kids are increasing. According to a report, 1 out of every five kids who use the internet has been sexually abused. One out of every four kids have seen unwanted pornography. Due to all these experiences faced by children, it is your duty being a parent to protect your kid from such an experience. Therefore, for your facilitation, we have come up with ways following which you can ensure the safety of your child.

5 Ways of keeping your Kids online secure

By following these five simple ways, you will be able to keep your child safe while he/she's online.

Talk to your kids frequently:

The easiest and foremost the best way to prevent any sort of harm is by talking beforehand. Being a parent, you must talk with your kid about the advantages and disadvantages of internet. Moreover, you should also give them confidence that if they face any sort of issue online, they can always talk with you. This talking will help in saving your child from many dangers that children usually face online.

You Should Monitor your kid's activities:

You must have overheard that "Prevention is better than cure". Therefore, it is continually advised that you should keep an eye on your kids while they use the internet. The world of internet is full of fascinations, especially for your young kids. Out of curiosity children often do things that can be harmful like replying a stranger or opening adult website. If you are monitoring your kids' activities, you can always see when they do such inappropriate acts and stop them.

There are many apps available now through which you can monitor your kids' activities. Apps like KidSecured are specifically designed to fulfill this need of parents.

Place the computer in an open place:

Placing the computer in an open area will restrain your kid from doing anything inappropriate. Nevertheless, it will help in restricting your child from talking with strangers and thus reducing the chances of being harassed. It is always wise to monitor your kid's internet use no matter they're making an assignment or playing online games.

Set Rules for internet use:

It is at all times a good idea to set house rules. Rules can help you in managing your kid's routines and also in defining boundaries for them. You should set house rules and follow them strictly like no gadget during meals or no phones in bed. Moreover, you can also control the timing of the internet in your house by buying a Wi-Fi router with parental controls.

Observe your Child's behavior:

Make sure that you observe your kids' behavior and if you find anything unusual talk to them about it. If your kid is extra secretive about his/her phone, then there's a chance they're hiding something. Apart from behavior also keep an eye on the presents your kids get because sexual predators usually lure kids through expensive gifts.


We expect that by following these simple tips, you can keep your kid safe from online dangers..

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