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How to fix AOL Mail search not working

Aol support number - The issue of AOL mail search not working is not an uncommon issue and it has troubled many users across the world. If you are wondering that what actually AOL mail search is, then you will get all your answers here in this blog. In the layman terms, AOL mail search is something which delivers the listings based on the user's preference related to web searches such as videos, images, maps, etc. This blog will help you to resolve the issue which is troubling you and if you need then the 24 hourly help from AOL tech support phone number is always available.

You can first have a glance at some of the amazing features of AOL mail search

  • @AOL featured results
  • @Advanced search and enabling the search history
  • @Related search in relation to search suggestions
  • @Organic links

You can easily set your preferences according to the location, date and can turn off or on the search suggestions if you want. Before you move to troubleshoot steps, take a quick look at the plausible causes behind it.

  • @Installation failure
  • @System malfunction
  • @Attack by virus
  • @Power disruption or failure
  • @Not valid registry entries
  • @Registry related files were accidently deleted.

What are the steps to fix the issue of AOL mail search not working?

The issue can be easily fixed by scanning the computer with the help of advanced system repair tool. This tool is easy to download and it can scan and detect the errors. This specific tool is able to detect the malicious items that are hidden in the device.

  • @Download the advanced system repair tool in your PC.
  • @Once the file has been downloaded, go to the download folder and double click on it.
  • @Click on yes and then run the user account control.
  • @Now follow the prompts and let the tool scan the device and repair the issue.

Make sure that if you come across any difficulty and are not able to resolve the matter by your own, then do get in touch with the AOL technical support phone number for resolving the query. And also if you want to take the expert advice without solving the error on your own first, then the support is available 24*7. The professionals have a fair idea about this topic and will be able to help you with their research and expert advice.

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