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Plan Your Dreams Trip without the Stress

Planning can be quiet a daunting task and as much as you want your holidays to be full of fun 'magazine-good' moments, the time before your flight reaches your destination can be a real mood-spoiler. 

Yes, calling that 'perfect trip planner' friend will sort a few things out but the moment the phone is down, the panic will only get the worst of you. We say, ditch the nerves. Take a few deep breaths, grab a cup of your favorite drink, and read on to become a pro with these simple trip-planning tips. 

1. Planning a little Everyday
Plan a few things everyday instead of having last minute panic-attacks. Do the laundry on one day, must-haves shopping on the other, only bookings on another and viola- no lags! 

1. Use the Technology
Handy tips of using Google maps and security apps never go to waste! Also, don't forget to carry a country compatible charger for your electronic devices. A tech tip- if you love to capture places in photos, make it a daily routine to upload all the pictures on cloud storage. This way, you save up on that memory space and in case you lose your camera, you still won't lose your moments.

2. Carry a prescribed pill kit
Nothing's worse than getting sick on a vacation. Carry chewable pills for stomach problems and nausea and you are free to eat what you want in the new city. Do carry a prescription to avoid airport hassles and don't forget anti-bacterial wipes (goes a long way for long flights!).

3. Do your homework
A new city is like a new book! Read about its culture, history, places to avoid, and places to see no matter what! If you are already in a city you know nothing about- always ask for tips and advises about the public transport and other local stuff at the hotel reception or the tourist office.

4. Go easy on the travel plan
All the versions of the travel itineraries will add much to the chaos than sort the confusion. Instead make one itinerary which has a lot of buffer time and is not managing every single minute of your stay. Have a couple of breathers so in case of delays, you can still follow your plan without cancelling on the whole day. Best to explore a few places well than swipe through them!

5. Pack like a Scrooge
You don't want to be boggled down by heavy luggage instead of walking the streets of your dream destination. Keep the heavy-duty electronics at home and carry a couple of comfortable clothes and shoes and 1 or 2 fancy clothes (if you must).

6. The three basics
No matter where you go, whether you are in a nightclub or simply enjoying a walk in the city, always keep a regular tab on three things- your wallet, passport, and cell-phone. Everything else can be taken care of except for these three tourist staples. If you have a hotel room where they provide small lockers, use them like oxygen!

7. Airport tips
If you are boarding a long flight, arrive at least 3 hours before hand and relax at the airport. Get something to read and have a glass of wine- whatever soothes you. If you are worried about the painstakingly long check-ins and security checks, ask a couple of days in advance if the airline provides an online check-in service.

8. Let go and relax
There is no better way to enjoy your travels than by relaxing. Listen to your favorite music or indulge in some chocolaty goodness. Know that nothing goes exactly as it is planned and the fun part remains in the unexpected.

Plan a trip with this trip planner, go easy on the nerves and high on the excitement. The perfect vacation is only what we make of it!

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