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5 Celebrities That Have Criminal Records You Didn’t Know

Celebrities are always under the spotlight regardless of whether it's on their highs or lows. However, some celebs have some quite shocking low points in their lives. Some of them were arrested for different charges and accusations like drug offenses, illegal possession of firearms and even assault.

From A-list actors to top artists, the high life has surely kept some compelling stories hidden away somewhere all these years. Some celebrities appear to be clean but are in fact not as clean as one would expect. Here is a list of 10 celebrities who have criminal records that you may not know of.

1. Will Smith

Crime: Aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy.

Known as one of Hollywood's most phenomenal actor, it seems like Will Smith doesn't have that squeaky clean image after all. The actor had a criminal record under his belt and was arrested for aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy way back in 1989. The assault was reportedly so severe that it almost blinded the victim. Smith has denied laying a finger on the victim and said that it was his personal bodyguard who did the assault. Whatever the truth might have been, the charges against Will Smith were eventually dropped.

2. Bruno Mars

Crime: Drug Possession

It is surprising to know that the highly sought after singer, songwriter, and music producer was arrested of cocaine possession way back in 2010. Mars pleaded guilty and avoided trial. The court made him pay a fine of $2000 and ordered him to do a mandatory community service of 200 hours. He then did pay the fine and did his community service accordingly. In 2012, his felony conviction was dismissed by the courts.

3. Robert Downey Jr.

Crime: Drunk driving, drug possession, and possession of a firearm.

Next up is the multi-awarded actor and famously known today in his role as Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. He has been arrested multiple times for drug possession of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana as well as possession of a Magnum revolver in 1996. He was sentenced to three years' probation which he has violated terms later on for drug-related offenses. He was then sentenced to six months in prison.

4. Chris Brown

Crime: Multiple Assault

The famous singer has been charged with assault after he attacked his famous ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. Not only that, his aggressive behavior also led him to have other assault charges after allegedly punching his former manager Mike G. in the face. Chris Brown and his team still say a big NO to these accusations.

5. Jay-Z

Crime: Stabbing

Who would have known that the king of hip-hop, Jay-Z, has the capability to stab a person? Way back in 1999, the rapper allowed his temper to get the best of him and stabbed a record producer named Lance Rivera on his stomach at a Manhattan listening party. Jay-Z was arrested for third-degree assault where he pleaded guilty of the charge. He was then sentenced to three years 'probation.

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