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Get a weighted blanket to help autistic children fall asleep easily

If you have an autistic child or you know someone that does, then you must already know how difficult it can get to put an autistic child to bed and make him or her fall asleep. A lot of autistic children have immense trouble sleeping quietly and peacefully at night. By using a weighted blanket, you can remove this problem. In this article, you will learn why a weighted blanket can help autistic children fall asleep quickly.

How do weighted blankets work?

The hormone that is most important in letting the human body fall asleep is melatonin. This hormone gets produced naturally in the human body during the particular stimulus. For instance, another hormone called Serotonin gets formed when we hug people. This hormone is a relaxing agent, and it makes people feel good after being released into the body. Similar is melatonin.

Serotonin transforms into melatonin when it is the time for us to sleep after sunset. Melatonin gets naturally produced during the night and is essential for proper sleep. When a child cuddles in a weighted blanket, the blanket helps to increase melatonin production and thus supports the child to fall asleep naturally.

Other uses of weighted blankets

Besides weighted blankets, there are also available many weighted wraps which are helpful for travelling in cars and even for taking to school. There are also available small lap blankets that children can bring to their classrooms. These are quite helpful for children when they feel stressed out in their school or any other place outside the home. They can wrap themselves in it to feel calm and secured.

If you have an autistic child, then you can consider using these blankets and wraps to help your child calm down and relax in any stressful situation.These blankets will help the child to feel secure and not let him get agitated. The sheets help in releasing endorphins and serotonin hormones which will relax the child and calm his or her nerves.

These blankets are also useful for children with ADHD, ADD, and OCD. Adults can also use them effectively.

You should check out on the internet first about the top weighted blankets and then decide which one you will want to buy. You will find weighted blankets available in both offline and online stores. In online stores, the prices of these blankets will be a bit lower compared to the traditional offline retail outlets.


IF you have a child who has autism and has problems to go to sleep comfortably, then you might consider giving him or a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are scientifically proven solutions which can help people who have the sleeping disorder to fall asleep naturally and easily. These blankets allow the body to feel relaxed and help to release certain hormones which calm the body. There is no reason why you cannot try out this blanket and see if it works or not. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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