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How to Manage Account Settings on Yahoo

Yahoo account lets you share your messages throughout the world to any of your acquaintance. The good thing is you can manage your Yahoo account as you want and can add the information you want to share with your contacts. Managing account settings allow you to change your account information, keep it updated, edit the preferences and much more. You can also call at the Yahoo Contact Number. If you have any difficulty regarding account settings.

To Manage your Yahoo Account Settings: 

  • Log in to your Yahoo account and go to the 'Account Info' section. 
  • In the Personal Info, click on your name in order to: 

1. Edit your name. 

2. Add another email address to your account. 

3. Add your Yahoo messenger handle. 

4. Add any phone number or websites you want to add with your account. 

5. Make the changes and click on 'Save'. 

  • Clicking on the 'Account Security' tab to: 

1. Change the password. 

2. Add or remove phone number for verification or any recovery email address. 

3. Activate two-step verification. 

4. Click on the item you want to change and enter the new information. 

  • Clicking on the 'Preferences tab' will allow you to: 

1. Change your location, language, and preferences. 

2. By changing the location you can add your current location. 

3. By changing the language you can set the language in which you want to view the Yahoo content. 

4. Change the content preferences if you want to configure subscriptions or linked accounts. 

  • Editing email settings can be done by clicking on the settings icon. This will allow you to make changes in: 

1. Mail filtering. 

2. Security settings of your account. 

3. How you view or write any email. 

4. Click on save after making the required changes. 

Managing your Yahoo settings is easy when you are aware what changes should be made when. This will let you use your account the way you want and nothing is better than that. Also, the Yahoo Toll-Free Number has been made available to you to help you resolve all your queries and doubts with Yahoo or its settings. The technicians at our side are well trained in providing the best and apt solutions for each and every issue. Get in touch with us anytime to get the best customer service from the certified tech executives.

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