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Top 5 factors to consider before extending your home

Home extensions are an excellent way of adapting your home to suit your lifestyle changes. Whether you need extra living space or your family just got bigger, an extension is a perfect alternative to moving to another home. This is because you will continue to stay in your house without the need to sell and move to another location. If you are considering an extension project, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Before starting a building extension, you should plan on how you want to use the extra room. Whether you want it to be a spare bedroom, a home gym, home office or extra living room space; when you have a clear idea, you will be able to design an extension that suits its intended purpose. This will also help your builder in determining how small or big it should be. You do not have to spend more money on an unnecessarily big space that you will not use.

Planning permissions

Some property alterations may require planning permission, for example, single storey extensions or loft conversions. However, it is advisable that you check all the local planning requirements and regulations before you make any plans for starting the renovations. The approval process will usually differ from one state to another, and will depend on the scope of extension. With an approved building plan, you will be confident that your home extensions meet the building regulations.


The first thing that you have to determine when extending your home is the budget. You may have lots of extension ideas, but you must know how much you are willing to spend.You should be realistic about the amount of money that the project will cost, and know what you can actually afford. This way, you will get a home extension that will not leave you in a financial tragedy. For more information, click here builder quote.

Project timeframe

Building extensions do not just happen overnight. Sometimes, acquiring planning permission and getting approval by building regulations can take months. Therefore, you need to be patient and expect some disruption and interruption to your normal family life when the building is still going on. It is important that you consider the time of year, family events, or holidays that you will need the full use of your home without the builders working there.

Will the extension affect your neighbors?

When planning a home extension, you should consider your neighbors. This is because large extensions can hinder light from getting to their property, and they will have the right to object to your plans. The extension project may also impact their lives during the construction period, and this is why you need to keep your neighbors informed of your intentions right from the beginning. This way, you will avoid any future arguments.

Planning a house extension can be quite a challenge for any homeowner. However, you need to hire the right builder for the job. With the best team of professionals, you will be confident of great designs and excellent results. Make sure that you also plan ahead to ensure that your extension becomes a reality, and the perfect addition to your property. 

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