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SEO Tips for Press Releases

SEO Tips for Press Releases

Press releases remain one of the strategies used by digital marketing agencies to reach out to their target audience. However, attracting attention to your brand through press releases has to be done with the goal of churning out great contents which is not only attractive to the target audience but is captivating enough to hold their attention till the very end.

Press releases remain a great way to attract attention both from traditional media and the likes of Google and Yahoo News while also serving as an added link building service method to create backlinks to your website.

When planning on creating the best possible and affordable press releases or wholesale press releases, there are some factors to pay attention to for a great outcome. Below, we will discuss these factors which are crucial to crafting great and affordable press releases.

1. Decide your angle

When looking to create a press release, the angle is all that matters as this is where your decision to catch the attention of the audience starts. Nobody wants to read a boring looking article with a less captivating title and as such, angle is all that matters. Your business needs a story at this point that is aimed at holding down the attention while you feed the target audience the information you want to pass across. The key to creating a great angle is to figure out what is unique about your company and sell that story.

2. Research your keywords

This is also important in order to reach your target audience at the maximum point. A great press release which reaches less than 20 percent of its target audience is least to say, a great failure.

3. Create a descriptive headline

Be sure to craft your Press release headline in such a way that it strikes the attention of your target audience and baits them into reading the whole content. Headline is key when it comes to PRs and as such, attention must be paid to details. It is also recommended to keep your headline as short as possible, advisable to keep it at about 80 to 100 characters.

4. Write your copy

Make sure the copy is clear, concise, flattering and passes the message across while working the angle you already created. Be sure your story indicates the Who, what, when, where, how, and whys of your brand and its target audience. Be sure to also make the best use of the first 250 words in your press release as this area determines whether or not your target audience will be interested in reading till the end. Make sure to also incorporate the keywords which had already been researched in the best ways possible.

5. Write your company's "elevator pitch"

Your company and the services it offers need to be described as appropriately as possible and as such, there is a need to add an "About the Company" section which shoehorns the services and products the company offers and why it is best for your audience.

6. Use keywords as deep links

It is also important to make use of keywords in the affordable press releases which are linked to information relevant to your website's products and services.

Check out How to Target the Right Page and Use the Right Anchor Text Every Time for great advice on picking your Anchors.

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