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3 Critical Reasons Why Your Attorney Will Refuse to Represent You in a Personal Injury Case

Do not be in shock when you approach an attorney to take your personal injury case and they refuse to take it up. After a personal injury has occurred, you are always advised to immediately call your attorney and feed them with all the details.How then can it be that after feeding them with all the details they refuse to represent you?

Personal injury lawyers in the Bronx - Michael Gunzburg, P.C. will tell you why your case may get rejected.Here are some of the things that would cause you not be represented

  • Details about how the accident occurred – Details about how the accident occurred are critical to the attorney.If you do not have a clear account, then you don't have enough to convince the attorney. If the details you have are all self-oriented and do not match what the accident scene has, then your attorney will reject your case.To have a viable claim, you must be able to prove against all odds the other party was at fault.The fault must not be determined by your own eyes; rather, it has to be clearly seen by everyone around you. It is important to present photographic evidence to back your testimony.
  • If what you call injury is not serious – Some people will fake everything including injuries.Attorneys know this full well and they are not ready to be led down that road.Personal injury attorneys will have to see the damage that has been done as well as the doctors report and may need to talk to the doctor if need be.If your injury is imaginative, then it will not be easy to convince your lawyer about it.It will be outright lying and your attorney will not be responsible for lying in court.
  • If you have talked to many other lawyers – How will an attorney know if you have talked to anyone else?Simply the slip of your tongue will take you into the snare. It is vital to talk to a lawyer after an accident has occurred but talking to too many discredits your case. The reason why you are discredited is that it seems like you are turning down valuable representation from good lawyers. No lawyer wants to see a client turn down an offer to be represented and move on to another.

In short, attorneys who handle personal injury cases are very straightforward with their questions and they expect you to be the same with the answers.This is because they are representing you and will need to answer questions in a challenging atmosphere.If they lack the true information, they will not be able to win your compensation which is critical to you.

If you want to be helped, then allow yourself to be helped by giving accurate information.Do not exaggerate the injuries and do not give a false account.Simply stand for what is true and you will get good representation and compensation as well.

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