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Important Home Fire Safety Tips That Every Home Owner Should Be Keen to Observe

Your home is your life! If you try to imagine a life without your loved ones and your belongings, it would be a very boring life. There are many families that have lost their loved ones and belongings in fires and this left them devastated.

Fire is a good servant and bad master. It takes a lot of careful measures to protect your family from this danger every day. Every fire safety tip begins with personal responsibility! Personal responsibility leads you to the choices that you make concerning fire safety.

The fire safety choices you make include the kind of equipment that you want to invest in or the company you choose to do the safety work. Remember that the company you choose should be well versed with the state's or country's fire safety rules and requirements. For example, Vancouver fire and safetyrules state that it is a must for every resident to carry out regular fire inspectionsto ensure that all the fire and smoke detectors are in perfect working condition.

How do you protect your loved ones from fire?

  • Install smoke alarms and detectors on every level of your home – Ensure that you buy quality smoke alarms and detectors. Once installed, inspect them every month to make sure they are in perfect working condition. Batteries should be changed every 6 months to ensure quality is maintained.
  • Do not ever smoke in bed – Most fires that start in bedrooms are smoking-related. This is because most beddings are made of combustible materials and can be easily lit by a cigarette. A responsible smoker should always smoke outside and be sure to put the cigarette ends in an ashtray while turned off.
  • Be sure to have enough escape plans out of your home planned and checked enough times in advance to help everyone escape in the event of a fire. Practice the safety drill with your entire family including children to ensure everyone knows what to do. Keep the firefighting tools in an open place where everyone can access them in case of fire. Designate a place to meet once outside safely from the fire so that you can do a head count and ensure everyone is safe.
  • Store a fire extinguisher in a reachable place where everyone can see it and teach them how to use in advance. Keep fire blankets in the kitchen where they can be used to quickly put out small fires.
  • If you live with disabled people, be sure to show them how to call for help in case of a fire when you are not home with them.
  • Ensure that all the lids of any flammable products are tightly closed and kept away from open flames.
  • Keep a careful eye in the kitchen when your children are with you. They may want to touch the stove or put towels on the flame. Keep anything flammable – the towels and the packaging materials – as well as the children away from the fire. 
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