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What Is Wireless LAN

A Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) gives remote system correspondence over short separations utilizing radio or infrared flags rather than customary system cabling. A WLAN is a sort of neighborhood (LAN).

A WLAN can be fabricated utilizing any of a few diverse remote system conventions, most generally either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

System security remains a critical issue for WLANs. Remote customers generally should have their character confirmed (a procedure called confirmation) when joining a remote LAN.

Advances like WPA raise the level of security on remote systems to equal that of customary wired systems.

WLAN Pros and Cons 

Remote neighborhood certainly have their points of interest yet we shouldn't ignore the defeats:


  • Countless are upheld
  • It's anything but difficult to set up a WLAN, particularly when contrasted with laying links for wired systems
  • Getting to a WLAN is less demanding than a wired LAN since link length isn't a factor
  • WLANs are regular notwithstanding when far from a business or home, as out in the open territories


  • It's simpler to hack a WLAN, which is the reason encryption is vital
  • Remote obstruction can capture the speed and security of a remote system
  • More remote gadgets, similar to repeaters, are expected to extend a remote system
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