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What To Do if the MacBook USB Port isn't working?

USB is a very important and common connection that is pretty convenient for the users, but sometimes the USB connections do not work properly on your Mac. There are multiple reasons behind the problem that leads you to the troublesome situations. Below, we have discussed some of the troubleshooting methods that can help you to deal with the situation when USB port stops working on your Mac or use Apple MacBook Technical Support for detailed help.

Method 1- Check the connection:

  • First of all, you should check the cable connection of your MacBook that is the simple step you can do. Check that the cable is fixed properly into port. You need to take it out and then put it back in again to make sure the position of the connection.

Method 2- Check if the cable is faulty, or has the device failed:

These two different methods can be trickier to perform, and it might be possible that you may need to borrow some items from friends or spend a little amount of money on spares.


Here, you should try to use come different cable and connect it to your MacBook on the same port. Check if this step troubleshoots the problem. If yes, then it means that the problem is specifically with the cable, therefore replace it with the new one.


In case the fault is not caused by the cable, then probably the problem is with your device. Now, use the old cable with another MacBook and check it is working. If the device is working properly then it means that there is some fault on your device. So, here you will be required to repair your MacBook with suitable solutions.

Method 3- Update SMC:

If the above method does not help you to troubleshoot the USB port problem on your Mac, then you should try to update SMC. Before updating the SMC, it will be required to reset SMC. Follow the steps given below in order to reset the SMC-

  • First of all, you need to shut down the MacBook.
  • Here, you need to ensure that MacBook is connected to power properly
  • Now, simply press the (left) Shift + Ctrl + Option keys and then the power button at the same time. Next, simply hold them down for a few seconds.
  • Here, on the power adapter, you might see the light that changing the color or blinking to indicate that SMC reset process is completed.
  • Release all the keys and the power button.
  • At last, you have to press the power button again to turn the MacBook back on.

In case you are unable to troubleshoot the USB port issue on your MacBook, then directly call on our helpline MacBook Support Phone Number +1-877-708-3372. Our support service is available round the clock over a call. Here, you will be assisted by the team of best IT technicians and professionals who are adept at resolving MacBook issues.

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