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Where to Look When You are Stuck with a Faulty Boiler

The perfect life seems so frail in the event of appliance break down. Especially, in the case of a faulty boiler. As a resident of London, a heating system is an imperative part of the house and taking time off my daily routine to get it fixed was something I did not wanted to do. For a couple of days, I managed without the hot water but I was nothing in front of the lethal combination of the chill weather and icy cold shower. The third day, I was on the bed regretting my decision of ignoring the boiler repair.

As I was aching in my bed, I called a friend of mine for help regarding this. I told him I needed him to help me procure the services of a reputable boiler repair in west London. Upon hearing my sound and low voice, he rushed to my place and took me to the hospital. I still remember it was drizzling weather while we were on the way to the hospital. I was coughing and still thinking about the broken boiler back home. The doctor gave me some prescriptions and I was on the way back.

I asked whether he could help me out with the boiler repair. He gave me assurance that we will find a way to get it repaired tomorrow and I should get rest and stop thinking about the boiler and other chores. The very next day I woke up fresh. No fever, no sore throat and the friend was on the doorstep greeting me with a local directory.

We started the mission to find a reliable west London boiler repair company and started scrolling the yellow pages. We found some repair companies and called them but were not satisfied with them. They sounded unprofessional and some were charging a lot for even the inspection.

The task was getting out of hand and we were not finding a company that could meet our standards so as being the millennial, we turned to the internet and started the hunt for a reputable company. To my surprise, I was hooked with some reliable plumbing companies that were well versed in boiler repair. I took this chance to explore the industry and immediately asked for quotes from different companies. One company stood out of the competition and after getting assurances from the company, I called their representative for the servicing.

As we were having our coffee, I heard the doorbell. The representative was at my house within a couple of hours and without wasting any time, he started inspecting the boiler. I had the boiler serviced many times before and I knew that the boiler was in an awful condition. He told me that due to corrosion, the boilers' zone valves and thermostat need to be replaced. He gave me a staggering quote of five hundred pounds. I was shocked to see that. He also warned me that the boiler is not in a good condition and I should consider having it replaced to save money in the future.

This suggestion caught my attention but I was not sure which boiler will meet my needs. I again turned to the technician and started inquiring about the new boiler rates. He said that they are expert when it comes to Boiler installation in West London.

I was so frustrated by getting my boiler repaired again and again so I turned to this option and gave him the service request for a new boiler. An additional crew from West London Boiler Installation Company arrived at my location and started installing the boiler. I had the new combi-boiler installed in the home and it has been three years that I have only needed yearly servicing. I never experienced a breakdown of any sort. In my opinion, the key to increasing the life of the boiler is regular servicing and understanding that small problems can lead to bigger threats if they are not repaired on time.


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London, UK
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