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What is Norton Error 8504,104? How can I Troubleshoot It

Norton error 8504 erupts when the malware or trojan files or already installed antivirus product, inhibits Norton service to get started. This problem also occurs when corrupt .exe file gets downloaded on the device with missing Norton components that do not let antivirus successfully installed on the device. This can also be called as run-time error that occurs during the first-time usage of Norton product.

As there is no specific reason behind this problems, you can look into different causes that fix Norton error 8504 and 104.

  • Corrupt setup file used to install Norton product in computer
  • Norton components not responding
  • Corrupted or non-responsive Windows registry files creating problems
  • Norton essential components mistakenly deleted upon installation of software in the device
  • Virus or malware files hidden in the device has infected windows system files that work with antivirus products

​​​​Symptoms of Norton Error 8504,104

If there are certain issues in Norton product that keep troubling you in one or the other way then through certain systems, you can be sure that it all happening due to this error. These below-mentioned indications can make you clear about it :

  • Active Program Window or web browser gets crashed all of the sudden when Norton antivirus error 8504,104 appears.
  • Error 8504 104 crashes the PC while attempting to run the same program in quick time.
  • Windows responding sluggishly and peripherals like mouse as well keywords performance, not up the mark
  • Device freeze up or stops responding
  • Applications installed in the device delivers sluggish performance

There can be various factors behind sudden Norton run time errors, so it is important that you look for the possible reasons behind the same and find best possible solutions to troubleshoot it. As many users have no idea how to fix Norton error 8504 and 104, below-mentioned are the steps that can help you get rid of this troublesome issue. Norton power eraser tool plays a beneficial role in troubleshooting Norton errors at the earliest

​​​​​​​Here are the steps to fix Norton 8504 errors at the earliest:

1. Download Norton Removal Tool: The Norton removal tool once installed on your device can trace the security software and its essential components save in a bundle and uninstall the same in minutes. Do remember to take the backup of the ACT before uninstallation. 

Here are the steps to uninstall Norton products from the device:

  • Download Norton removal tool and save the .exe file on the secondary drive.
  • Since the application is portable, you don't have to install the same on your device.
  • Now go to Control Panel and uninstall the Norton product from the list of software installed within the device.
  • Once the Norton product is uninstalled, run the Norton removal tool that traces the antivirus components saved in the device and truncates them in minutes.
  • Once done, reboot the PC and re-install the latest version of Norton internet security on your device.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to start Norton re-installation process on your device.

2. Remove the other antivirus product installed on the device as run-time error 8504 also occurs due to this.

3. Follow essential steps to update video graphics driver on your device as it can be the reason behind the eruption of Norton errors.

In case you are not able to apply these above-said steps to troubleshoot problematic errors, Norton help desk team is available every time at your convenience to deliver quick assistance.

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