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Gillette Fusion and Gillette Fusion Proglides: Providing Quality Shaving Experience


There are different kinds of shaving sticks as they are made by different brands. Example includes shaving sticks made by Gillette. There are different kinds of Gillette shaving sticks as each one has an essential feature that makes it different from the others. An example is the Gillette fusion.

Gillete Fusion

Gillette fusion is a shaving stick that had been designed and created to bring effective performance from both sides of the cartridge. Gillette fusion is a shaving stick made specifically for men as it redefines the expectation of shaving can be. The Gillette fusion grants a whole new experience of shaving as it ensures that users shave with ease and convenience. At the front, Gillette fusion has a total of 5 razor blades placed close together to derive an advanced 5 blade shaving technology surface. The design spreads the shaving force across the blades to aid in reducing pressure for heightened comfort and pleasure. It also helps to reduce irritation. Compared to the Mach3, the Gillette fusion blades are spaced together to ensure the shaving stick is very efficient and reduces irritation. Gillette fusion has microfins that are aligned with the contours on the face to ensure that one has a lovely shave. Gillette fusion blades possess a trimmer for beard precision. This for spots around the facial hair, under the nose, on the face, side burns etc. The Gillette fusion blades also possess a indicator lubrication strip that changes into white when one is not getting optimal shave anymore.

Gillette fusion has various benefits. They include:

1. It has lubrication strip: the lubrication strip changes to white when one is no longer getting optimal shave
2. It has precision trimmer: the precision trimmer is on the back of the Gillette fusion. It is beneficial in shaving areas that are hard for the hand to reach. Examples include side burns and nose
3. 5 precision blade: it helps to reduce pressure per blade for a nice and lovely shave

Gillete Fusion Proglides

Gillette fusion proglides is designed and created for low cutting. It features very thin and fine edges that ensure efficiency. Gillette fusion proglides has advanced low resistance coating that can be used for cutting the hair with ease. It has a blade stabilizer that helps to maintain razor blade spacing to grant pleasure and comfort. This allows the blades to balance and blend with the contours on the face. It has guard channels to ensure blade contact. This guard channels stretches the skin to for optimal shave. It also has an enhanced lubrastrip with mineral oil that ensures that the razor blade moves very smoothly on the skin.

Gillette fusion proglides is very beneficial as it has different features. These features include:

1. Enhance lubrastrip: the enhance lubrastrip have different lubricants
2. Precision trimmer: it has precision trimmer on the back to shave areas that are hard for the hand to reach
3. Its blades are very thin and fine. They ensure that shaving is comfortable

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