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How to Choose Non-Allergenic Bedding?

We all spend one-third of our lifetime in our bedrooms or lying in the bed. This means that our bedrooms are vulnerable to allergens and thus should always be kept-allergen free and healthy. It is not merely dust mites that cause bedroom allergen, but pets are alsoa source to our allergies along with the kind of furnishing that we have in various elements present in our bedroom.

Even if you wash and clean your bedroom floors, furniture surfaces as well as your bed coverings and sheets with hot water, you should not think that all kinds of allergens can be avoided with this type of cleaning. The solution to this problem is getting hypoallergenic bedding, especially if you are suffering from allergens or have asthma.

In order to get rid of the allergies, the first step is buying high-quality, allergen-free bedding. Below is a step-wise guide for you to buy allergen-free bedding and know what elements you should consider before buying:

Method 1 – Reduce Allergens in Your Bedding

• Choose hypoallergenic or antiallergenic comforter and blankets

To get a peaceful and allergy-free sleep, you should get filings that do not develop mold and dust mites. A hypoallergenic fiber is the most recommended solution in this case because it is easily washable. You may either buy a wool-filled and silk-filled bedding.

• Make sure you have the right pillow

Pillow is an essential part of bedding. If you wakeup with a runny nose or watery eyes, your pillow is usually to be blamed. The best choices for pillow materials are wool, latex, and silk because they are resistant to mold, dust mites and any other harmful bacteria that might make your pillow their home.

• Pay attention to pore size

The pore size is basically the size of the openings in the fabric. This means the size through which allergens enter your comforter or pillows. Quite obviously, smaller sizes will prevent allergen from entering.

Method 2 – Find an Allergen-Free Mattress

• Determine whether or not you need to replace your mattress

If you are thinking of buying a new mattress, you should think of buying latex mattress because it will itself resist dust mites, bacteria, mold, and mildew and thus you won't have to buy a mattress cover for the same purpose.

• Pay attention to what's inside

If you are suffering from allergies, you should never buy spring or coil mattresses. Your ideal selection should be latex or memory foam mattress.

• Purchase dust mite encasings for your mattress

Buy a fabric that has a pore size lesser than 100 microns because this is an average size of a dust mite.

Method 3 – Creating an Allergen-Free Bedroom

• Simplify your space

Don't put extra things in your bed that you don't need, including extra pillows, stuffed toys or other decorative items.

• Keep pets out of your bedroom

Pets might carry allergens to your bed, so it is better to not let them be in your bedroom.

• Invest in a good filter

A filter helps keep airborneallergens out of your room.

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