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Ways of Sound-Proofing a Room with Hardwood Flooring

Wooden flooring can add an aesthetic appeal to your entire home. With the classic variations available in hardwood flooring for your home, you can enhance the overall appearance by installing the best one as per your choice and convenience. However, one thing to note about wooden flooring is that you should also be prepared for a lot of unwanted racket from squeaky floorboards, clicking heels, scampering pets and notorious kids.

The annoying noises that are quite common in the hardwood flooring are usually caused due to the transfer of sound waves that keep bouncing across the entire room. Therefore, the best trick the majority of noise in your house with wooden floors is by interrupting the transfer of sound waves. You can include various kinds of textiles in creative and decorative ways for breaking the reverberating sound waves emanating from the hardwood flooring. This would ensure your calm and serenity of the house. Here are some top ways:

  • Windows and Walls: You can add a few fabric wall hangings like attractive quills, woven rugs or colorful tapestries to the bare walls for absorbing some of the sounds that would result from the wooden floors.
  • You can hang some draperies over the windows for taking in some of the unwanted sound waves that would be bouncing around the room. Thick materials of drapery like tapestry, suede, and velvet can draw in more noise than the lightweight materials like cotton.
  • Furniture: You must aim at furnishing a room that has wooden flooring with upholstered pieces for reducing the overall noise level. For instance, the chairs, sofas, hardboards, ottomans, and so more can be installed with fine upholstery & plush fabrics like microfiber, chenille, velveteen and corduroy for making the room quieter. You can also include some cozy furniture throws, woven tablecloths, and decorative toss pillows for creating a layer of sound-absorbing features.
  • Flooring: For the existing real wood flooring, you can place some attractive carpets and rugs on the wooden floors that would help in minimizing the walking noise over them. It also tends to make the walking more comfortable and removes the annoying clatter of heels while walking.
  • The squeaky noise from the hardwood floors appears when the floorboards have either dried or shrunk. This causes the boards to rub against each other. By driving a nail or screw between them, you can keep the boards from rubbing against each other. This trick would eliminate the unnecessary squeaky noise coming from the hardwood floors.
  • Additional Tips: You can go for wearing soft-soled footwear or socks while walking on the hardwood flooring. As the best alternative, you can try walking barefoot on the wooden floors of your home to eliminate all possible sources of noise. If you tend to have a pet that stays indoors, then try to keep the toenails of your dog or cat trimmed well for getting rid of the perpetual clicking sounds on the wooden floors.

Are you thinking of installing wooden flooring in your house? Take help from these tips to minimize the production of noise coming from the hardwood flooring. 

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