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Top 5 Best Places To Visit during Your Trip to India

Vacations are usually a time to explore the world and have fun. Your ideal destination should be your dream place you have been fantasizing about. Holidays should be planned early to avoid hiccups that may spoil the whole experience. But how do you beat all these planning hassles that come with it? The answer is to have a strategy and an execution plan in place. One of the best destinations you should have in mind should be India. Below are the ideal places you can visit with your family while on vacation.

Kashmir of the South

Kashmir of the South, also known as Coorg-Kodagu, is one of the best vacation destinations for both couples and family. It is a good place to be with the scorching heat. Most tourists visit this place to feel the salubrious weather conditions that the famous hills offer. Kashmir of the South is situated at an altitude of 4000ft above sea level.

If you are good at trekking and want a similar adventure with your family or spouse, Kashmir of the South is the place to be. Your vacation will be filled with perfect experiences of the winding roads over the hills with a good overview as you drive to Kodagu.


Another thrilling destination to visit is Ladakha. It is a very convenient and perfect destination for the holidaymakers. People travel all over the world to come to India because of its beauty and rich heritage. You will be able to view the mighty mountain peaks and beautiful lakes during your visit to this awesome tourist attraction site. Do not miss out on the breathtaking views of Ladakh. Take your family on a Reise nach Indien and have memorable and exciting lifetime experiences.


With the floating gardens and beautiful city, Srinagar is among the best destinations you will ever visit in India. The trip is definitely worth the cost. From research, it is one of the most valued and loved places by both locals and tourists. Being a historical place, local rulers have tried to possess the beautiful city but have failed severally due to its significance to the community and international world at large. Srinagar remains as one of the most recommended destinations for anyone visiting India.

The Backpacker Paradise

Also known as the Manila, this destination keeps emerging as the best destination for newlyweds and offers a lifetime experience during their honeymoon or vacation. With a couple of other tourist attraction sites like the PriPanjal and Himalayas, The Backpacker paradise remains the perfect bet with a variety of adventurous activities that you can per take in, like riding at the wildlife park as you see wild animals and do yoga at the ShriHari Ashram. Manila has a Holy place that you can also visit during your trip.


Sikkim is also another ideal destination for holidaymakers. With unexplored caves and beautiful waterfalls, your family will enjoy the untapped potential in Sikkim. Located in North East of India, Sikkim is one of the mystical places that should never miss in your itinerary.

Your holidays will never be the same when you decide to visit the historic land of India. Being a vast country with almost one of the highest populations in the whole world, India remains one of the best destinations for vacationers. You will definitely have a memorable vacation in India. 

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