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How to troubleshoot QuickBooks won't export to excel error?

While using QuickBooks a user may face certain technical issues, like when their QuickBooks won't export to excel. This article will explain the possible causes and effective solutions to the error when export to excel fails from your QuickBooks software and excel could not open the data file. The first instinct is to look up for answers in QuickBooks support.

What are the causes of QuickBooks error unable to export to excel?

This issue basically arises when you upgrade your QuickBooks application. If the update is incomplete, you will not be able to export to excel like as a transaction journal or account receivable again report or emailing report as an excel document.

This error can even damage your MS Excel software. It might also affect your QuickBooks software. Other issues which may face are improper file registry. Sometimes QuickBooks version is not compatible and supported by the excel version or vice versa could also be possible.

Some of the below-listed conditions may cause errors during the export of payroll journal entries and their subsequent import.

  • One or more accounts in accounting CS use the same description as QuickBooks, but the account type in accounting CS is different from QuickBooks.
  • As the accounting CS account numbers are not similar to the QuickBooks accounts so it does not acknowledge the accounts used for the exported transactions.
  • The account details of QuickBooks transactions do not match with the account details in accounting CS. For a successful import, the explanations must match exactly for the transactions.

How to fix QuickBooks export to excel not working error?

Solution 1: Below are the steps to fix the technical issues where exporting has failed.

1. The first step is to open the customer center.

2. Now locate the transaction in the transaction panel.

3. You need to right click on the transaction you want to see a transaction journal.

4. After that, select transaction journal.

5. A user needs to go to the excel button and choose to create a new worksheet to export your report to MS Excel.

Solution 2: You need to open the item list first and then your report. If you open the report after being on a non-transaction form (like an item list of the charts of accounts), the report will successfully export to excel.

1. Go to the list and open item list.

2. From the report menu, select any report from your choice.

3. Export to excel by clicking the excel dropdown. You can also email as excel by clicking on the email button.

Solution 3: Quick steps of export to excel. To export reports to excel, you can follow the below steps.

1. Firstly, select the company.

2. Then go the reports, company and financial and now choose profit and loss standard (as an example).

3. Now click excel > and create a new worksheet.

4. Click on export and now files open in MS Excel.

5. Go back to QuickBooks again and click Excel and then again create a new worksheet.

6. Go to send the report to excel and create a .csv file.

7. Give a full name to file and click save.

If even after performing all the aforementioned steps and solutions your QuickBooks won't export to excel and reports to MS Excel Software, then this means that you are facing the QuickBooks unsuccessful export to excel error. You can contact QuickBooks Error Support Number 1-877-263-2742 for an immediate and effective assistance by the experts. 

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