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What is QuickBooks Web Connector and how does it help?

QuickBooks is one of the most popular, sought-after and premier accounting software meant for businesses to help them manage their accounts and finances effectively. It includes features such as managing the accounts payable, accounts receivable and the payroll system.

QuickBooks Web Connector is a Microsoft Windows application which enables the web applications that you want to use, to exchange data with your QuickBooks desktop products such as QB Point of Sale and QB Financial Software. This is an application that is meant to communicate with an isolated copy of QuickBooks without you having to worry about directly accessing the machine where QuickBooks is running.

Your web service is deployed in a server which may be locally hosted or by a hosting service. Web connector must be installed on the same machine as the QuickBooks is installed, if not, then at least the same local server.

Since all communication is actuated by the Web Connector which is on the same system as QuickBooks, there is no need to activate firewall ports.

Benefits of using QuickBooks Web Connector

QuickBooks Web Connector application allows qbXML as well as qbposXML to pass between a web-based application and QuickBooks desktop products such as QB Point of Sale and QB Financial Software.

  • The user can be tension-free because automatic schedule with QuickBooks web services can also be done.

An addition of a new web service to the list of web services that web connector QuickBooks error is enabled to communicate with is very easy. It is almost as simple as downloading a file.

Points to Remember Before You Use QBWC

  • Make sure your store is live on the domain so that the web connector can work.
  • Make sure you have the .qwc file from the third-party web-service provider.
  • Make sure you have installed and activated Secure Sockets Layer.

Installation Process for QuickBooks Web Connector

To install the QuickBooks Web Connector application, follow the given simple steps:

  • Download the QuickBooks Web Connector Installer.
  • Unzip the installer and run the .exe file.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

Adding an Application to Web Connector

To add an application to the QuickBooks Web Connector, follow the given simple steps:

  • Go to the Web Connector application and open it.
  • Click on Add application and peruse to the .qwc file (provided by the third-party web service provider).
  • Once you find it, select and open the .qwc file.

Errors while using QuickBooks Web Connector

QuickBooks Web Connector is a great application for all those who use QuickBooks Desktop. But there are some errors that may arise in the process that the users must be aware of, some of which are:

  • QBWC1042: This error occurs due to poor data connectivity or poor internet connection.
  • QBWC1051: This error occurs when the user enters a company name which is too long or has a special character.
  • QBWC1030: This error mainly occurs when the user forgets to set a password before the update. In case the password is set, but the user does not know it, then he/she has to contact the service provider.
  • The Application requested to abort: This error may occur when the user opens the wrong company file or when the user tries to remove the application or when the QuickBooks Web Connector has several third-party syncs going on.
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