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FUE hair transplant

Traditionally, hair loss is becoming a very common factor among both men and women. Therefore, most of people are heading towards hair transplant nowadays, to overcome this widely spreading problem. A General hair restoration surgery seemed effective

Traditionally, hair loss is becoming a very common factor among both men and women. Therefore, most of people are heading towards hair transplant nowadays, to overcome this widely spreading problem. A General hair restoration surgery seemed effective first but, it also brought multiple side effects and unsuccessful results in several patients. To bring something more effective, efficient, durable by minimizing the risk factors, specialists came up with new and advanced technique called as, ‘FUE hair transplant’. FUE is basically an innovative development of an existing procedure. The method used in transplantation under this development differentiates from a regular strip surgery. An individual’s follicles are being extracted, rather than cutting strip. The main focus remains around donor’s follicular unit, where a little cut is produced in spherical region of skin, which results in splitting of closest tissue present. The procedure is too much time consuming because, follicular unit graft is extracted from the back head and later placed into bald areas very carefully. However, specialists are easily capable of extracting approximately 2500-3500 extra follicular units/per day. The procedure takes place under local anesthesia. Time span of this procedure utterly depends upon the number of follicular units and their transplantation. Microscope is used to extract graft units, depending on number of hair present in a single unit. The entire formation of natural looking hair takes place in one to four groups. Recently, this technology has progressed and formed into ‘advanced FUE hair transplant’. This advance technique consists of collecting follicles from outside area of donor’s head; for an example: face, abdomen, arms, chest etc. About 1 mm punch is used for follicular units extraction from patients donor area. FUE technique is four times more costly in comparison to other technique.
FUE hair transplant is getting very much in demand, but on the other hand it comes with some disadvantages too. The biggest advantage of this procedure is that, it produces hundreds of tiny scars in patient’s head, instead of a long linear scar. Hence, these tiny scars are hardly detectable, which is grabbing many more people towards FUE procedure. It not only brings hair growth on patient’s head, but it can also grow hair on an individual’s eyelashes, moustache, and beard or on any other part of the body. The results of FUE are finest without any blood loss, puff, cutting or stitches pain. After FUE procedure, healing is quick, as no strips are taken and scars are avoided during the process. FUE is a risk free procedure with the exclusion of cuts and stitches. It is a harmless procedure, where patient is recommended to shampoo hair the very next day after completion of procedure to prevent microorganisms. As a disadvantage, risk of follicles damage is involved during the process. Follicular unit extraction comes with a package of highest number of advantages and least number of disadvantages. Excellent results are being seen on the patients enduring Follicular unit extraction Though FUE hair transplant technique is expensive but it is providing satisfactory results in patients with hair loss disease.       
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