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Top 5 Common QuickBooks Issues

Following are the top 5 issues with QuickBooks along with their solution: 

1. Lost connection to data file: it is one of the most common issues with QuickBooks and can be difficult to resolve sometimes. QuickBooks tend to be very selective when it comes to network connections. Even at the slightest hindrance in the network can make QuickBooks lose the internet connection. Make sure that you have correctly set up the QuickBooks as well as the firewall settings are allowing the connection for it. You can also use QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool to detect and fix the issue. 

2. Multi-user slow connection: There are various situations in which QuickBooks start working slowly. In such a scenario you have to first make sure there is no issue with the hardware. The issue can also be related to the data file of QuickBooks. You can try using the Cleanup Company Data tool which can be found in the utility area. This can help you to speed up your system. If this doesn't work, then you can try turning off the Audit Trail Feature. You can also call at the Quickbooks Support Number for availing the expert's help. 

3. Unable to locate data file: Next common issues with QuickBooks is when you are not able to locate the data file on the server. To resolve this first check if the server is working fine and in correct manner. Try mapping the drive from the client to the server directly. If the system is able to see the server, then most probably the issue is with the server manager itself and the server manager is not running properly. 

4. Non-printing printer: It is a common issue when a printer stops printing. This issue is generally faced when a new printer is installed. However, in the case of QuickBooks, there is a quick fix for this. To resolve this, simply rename the file qbprint.qbp to qbprint.qbp.old. For this, you have to close QuickBooks and search for the original file. After you have renamed the file, reopen QuickBooks and till this time the printer should be working properly. 

5. Problems copying or moving the data: Sometimes users are unable to copy the data file to another location. This is done to complete the backup of the system. Whenever this issue arises, it implies that the Directory Monitor and the QuickBooks Server Manager are locked. To unlock them, search for services.msc after closing QuickBooks and then look for these services. 

Quickbooks Customer Service Number can be contacted when you are facing issues with QuickBooks.

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