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Rainy Day , Blogging and the Reality Bytes !!

Posted By Soham     June 24, 2012     938 views     0 likes     1 comment

It has been raining crazy since last night. Thank God it’s Sunday and I don’t need to brave Natures wrath to reach office at a war footing. It feels like some cool wonder land as long as you are indoor on such weather. Here I am, typing into my Laptop, occasionally staring out of the glass window just beside me and sipping on a hot cup of it. Such a strategic setting probably gets your imagination and creativity galloping around like a black stallion. Nevertheless, the moment you step out, it sure feels like one of the typical Indian gully. The roads were gradually getting water logged and the uncovered sewage lines would soon start contributing to the situation here. The rain had supposedly hit the slums drastically. And the dwellers have moved out of their humble abode and taken shelter at the swanky bus stops that were inaugurated just a few days back adjoining to the International Bus Terminus. The poor guys have got used to this nomadic life style. Their sheer indifference and capability to adjust amazes me at times. And here I am, trying to put up a happy face, browsing through random blogs, on this very rainy day.


Ok…so my situation at home isn’t that rosy either. It doesn’t exactly feel like a wonderland. An ideal setup for a cozy day such as this would be a dimly lit room , my two laptops powered up (the other one has Torrent downloads running 24X7…Spartacus season 3, the latest in Queue) , a cool calm and quiet house  far from the madding crowd. In fact, I did have the pleasure of such unconditional solace for quite a few years when I was staying alone. Well, now my family has moved in. It’s good to have elders around caring for you. Feels like home. But the undesirable moderately high pitched noise, unnecessary repetitive discussions, long phone conversations and subtle hysteria that comes associated with daily family chores is a little distracting, especially when the weather is so favorable.And the most irritating of all, is the full volume shrill mobile tune that keeps ringing for an odd 3 minutes before someone hunts down the damn device laying at some corner of the house, with the charging wire shoved into its ass. Damn, it feels like someone just grabbed your cozy warm butt cheeks wrapped in a blanket with ice cold hands on a chill winter morning. The sudden shock, just when your brain had stopped wondering about the likes of Sunny Leone and started churning out something actually productive.


So, I was suffering from a performance anxiety – of not being able to come up with a new write-up for a very long time. Probable topics were racing pass my head. In the meantime a friend was constantly posting those irritating automated Apps into my Facebook wall. Who is gonna kill me? What weapon would be used? Which celebrity do I look like? I looked like Johnny Depp…Sure my girlfriend doesn’t think so…That’s unsettling…Why would I want to look like anyone else. I thought of writing about those stupid Apps. But then, a loud thump on my (room) door. Ok…now what? Somehow people have never paid any heed to the words written on my door – “Don’t disturb. Wannabe Intellectual at work ;) “. It’s time the world starts respecting Wannabe Intellectuals like me. Back to harsh reality - the electricity had been gone for a while and hence the water pump hasn’t been operational since morning, leading to the taps suddenly running dry. Irony of facts, I am neither an electrician nor a plumber, yet it’s my duty to resolve the deadlock and comfort the wretched souls. Time to put on the Anti-Rain gear and get down to some reality checks.


 The cool Volvo buses speeding through the water clogged roads remind me of US. Safely comforting the lucky ones inside the Air-conditioned glass boxed vehicles, they are oblivious of the dirt and pain they inflict on others who aren’t in the bus. The disregard and disrespect for others (pedestrians here), just to speed its way ahead, is a cruel demonstration of power. So, as I stood on the footpath, I could see a scuffle on the other side. A mighty red Volvo has splashed sufficient water to completely drench 4 people, including an attractive young lady, who supposedly was going on a day out with her boyfriend. The guy was desperately trying to vent out his anger at the reluctant driver. An hour past I was back at my den with my pants rolled up to my knees exposing my not so interesting hairy legs and my shirt with weird wet patches resembling a cheetah print. Electricity was back and so was the water. Though I hadn’t done anything about it. There’s wasn’t much I could do about it anyways. I had walked out just to convince my folks of my involvement in family inconveniences. Two cigarettes, a cup of tea and 30 minutes phone chat with my girl. That’s all I did.

So my morning was all screwed up , I ended up enjoying the rain …Well…Grrrrr…a bit too closely , did not write a word , little bugged with an unbearable performance anxiety and ended up watching 7 episodes of Spartacus in a row. Out of outright frustration, I couldn’t think of anything better to write about. Hence, this post. You , Sir can have your share of laughs. 


Soham Roy


1 comment
  • Priyanka
    Priyanka  · June 24, 2012
    Well I with my parents, drove to Kasol, 500kms away from Delhi to experience "cool winds and misty skies" as is promised by the hillstation ads.
    I am here, and it is 32 degrees here! I am sweating and these people don't have a ceiling fan or ac. We ...  more