Little girl all grown up

  • Petulantly pouting,

    ready to stomp my feet, 

    throw myself on the floor and, 

    and scream-sob

    ...I DONT WANT TO... 

    NO, NO, NO!


    Instead I act my age, 

    swallow my anger 

    and leave it bubbling under the surface, 

    breathe to relax, 

    stretch to unwind 

    my mind 

    from where it wishes 

    to where it is.



    where are you in my life 

    when I am never alone enough to appreciate company?


    I visit and chat 

    show what is needed to be seen as me. 

    When all is said and done, 

    my being 

    matters not in the presence of company 

    - it is the affected exterior 

    and how it is perceived 

    that draws attention 

    and if need be, it is held, 

    drawing from the encounter 

    whatever is required 



    physical contact 



    it is mostly lacking.

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