• As I slept with a quilt of stars on the pillow of moon last night

    I entered my dream world which was so bright

    I felt someone coming after me I stopped looking behind

    Hey how are you he said

    Ugh do I know you I retort

    He came closer to me and whispered in my ear

    I am Angel of Death

    After hearing that I started shaking in fear

    I started running away in haste

    Looking forward I saw many emotions in row tied up in chain

    He followed me and grasped my hand

    I screeched hard and requested him to let me go

    As I am not ready to welcome him in a dash

    He laughed high and said

    Sit down my child I am here to help you

    With things troubling you in recent while

    He told me he is with me from the time of my birth

    He said he resides on my left side

    He whispered that people call upon him unintentionally many times with different names

    Sometimes I am Transition, some times change, sometimes I am an evil which takes your soul away

    He guided me towards the relations which left me in between my trial called life

    He asked me not to suffer shame

    He educated me that people are those wandering souls who stay in your life till their task finishes in your every test u have been given by paradise and hey

    Sometimes they come back out of the blues but don’t get troubled with there presence in haste coz they are here again coz I sent them to teach you the reason why they could not stay till the end of this game


    You have to learn lessons of let go

    You have to hop on the hearts like you never know

    Every person transits with their learning’s and teachings

    If they come back welcome them if they hug you with there words of love and smile

    But if they are still the same understand that it is me who have sent them back again so that you learn your lessons in trial without holding any emotion like grudge, shame or pain in chains

    Oh no wonder why I saw so many emotions in row tied up in chain

    Yes my child, he said I am here as transition this time in your life taking you out of all the chains you kept yourself tied for so long


    I thanked the angel of death and woke up happy forgetting all the gray



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