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Wash your mind and thoughts

Posted By Anand     September 10, 2011     944 views     0 likes     0 comments

Your mind is a generator of thoughts and you have to keep it clean to have a good output. Bad/ill stated mind will only generate negative thoughts that will manifest to bring more sadness to life. We all take bath everyday to clean our external body, have washing machines to clean our wardrobes etc. But how do we clean our mind and soul?



Unfortunately, you can’t clean them like the way you clean your body, dress and everything. Given a chance, we all might take our mind out, soak it in a detergent to remove all the dirt, dry it and put it back to have a refreshed start. Who knows, people might even put a conditioner which will make the mind stay fresh all through the day! But none of them is possible.

There are few ways which can help in cleaning our mind and soul. We will have to streamline the thoughts to facilitate our mind to stay clean.

Throw that rubbish:
Just like how you’ll never let the garbage stay inside your house, the same way you should never accumulate the rubbish in your mind. They could be anything like negative thoughts, being pessimistic, doubtful, obsessive, depression etc. If your mind is occupied by so many other rubbish things, there won’t be any room for positive thoughts and inspirations which will lift you mood and bring happiness. 

Change the surrounding:
Your external environment may influence your mind and thoughts. If you feel like you are surrounded by too many rubbish things, just move out of your current environment to a new place. It could be a next room or balcony or any new environment. Your thought process may change and old pattern might diminish.

Don’t hold on to resentment:
Grudge will eat up most of your mind’s valuable resources, never allowing any good things to come out. The person whom we hold the resentment may not even know about this or care about it. It is only going to affect your peace of mind. Practice the art of forgiveness. It will help thrash away those unwanted feelings from your mind.

Find your happiness factor:
This could be anything that will make your mind shift its focus and give happiness and positive affirmations about life. It can be any of your passion, a sport, a friend, a calm moonlit walk, a social service, a musical relaxation, a spiritual connection, a meditation or anything that will help you strike that happiness chord.

Remember, a clean mind is a gateway for a beautiful soul…!



Originally published at http://musingsofanand.blogspot.com/2011/08/wash-your-mind-and-thoughts.html