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The Lakes and Waterfalls of Ooty

Posted By Jaidev     September 6, 2013     1,029 views     0 likes     0 comments

Ooty is a popular hill town in the beautiful Nilgiri Mountains. Nestled at a height of 7,347 feet above sea level, this scenic town enjoys a cool and pleasant weather all year around. Ooty tourism attracts hundreds of visitors every year to its pristine natural beauty.


The town of Ooty is best known for its abundant natural wealth. The entire landscape is covered with dense eucalyptus trees, tea gardens, vegetation, lakes and waterfalls as far as the eye can see. There are many tourist places in Ooty but the most scenic and unique are its plentiful lakes and waterfalls. Ooty tourism prides itself on these wonders of nature which are very popular among tourists. Some of Ooty’s famous lakes and waterfalls are listed below.


Pykara Lake and Falls – This placid lake is nestled between lush green valleys, 21 kilometres away from Ooty. It is actually a reservoir of the Pykara River. There is also a boathouse for tourists. The Pykara River flows in a series of waterfalls, some smaller ones and then a big waterfall of sixty one metres. These falls make for a beautiful sight and are a must visit.


Ooty Lake - Constructed by John Sullivan, this artificial lake is one of the very popular tourist places in Ooty. It uses the water from mountain streams. The lake is lined with eucalyptus trees and here too there is a boathouse for tourists. If you land in May you can even watch the boat races.


Avalanche Lake - Situated 28 kilometres from Ooty, the lake derives its name from an avalanche that occurred in the early 1800s. The lake is an ideal picnic spot and is surrounded by rolling plains which are covered in flowers like rhododendrons, magnolias and orchids. You can also go trout fishing here as there is a trout hatchery near the lake.


Emerald Lake – Located near the Emerald Village, in a place called Silent Valley, this unspoiled lake is also one of the most famous tourist places in Ooty. It glistens like an emerald amidst the lush green tea plantations. Visitors can buy fresh tea from the plantation and enjoy activities like bird watching, mountain biking, fishing and trekking around the lake.


Kalhatty Waterfalls – Dropping from a height of 40 metres from the slopes of Kalhatti Mountains, these waterfalls flow through the ghats and various rivulets and join into the big stream. The area around these falls is also abundant in wildlife.

Catherine Falls – Situated in the small town of Coonoor, these falls are named after Catherine Falls, Coonoor, who was a pioneer coffee planter in the region. The journey to the falls as well as the falls itself is quite a memorable experience.


Law’s Falls - Named after Col. Law, who made the Coonoor Ghat Road, these Falls are an important attraction and one of the most popular tourist places in Ooty. it is the ideal place for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts as the area around is rocky, making it perfect for climbing.


So go ahead and enjoy the abundant lakes and waterfalls of this mesmerising region, as they are truly a wonderful delight.