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The Ghost that became a reality

Posted By Prasanna Venkatesh     March 23, 2013     455 views     0 likes     0 comments
Tags - #Love

He was always there among them,

 unseen, unheard.
He used to speak to people, his voice went unheard.
They used to go out in groups, he was in all of those,
Yet unseen, unheard.
They played, they made merry, he was there,
Yet, unseen, unheard.
He had an opinion on everything seen and heard,
Yet unseen, unheard.
People used to listen to others as he spoke,
People used to see through him,
Still unseen and unheard.
There was this girl who always used him,
Whom he wanted to be noticed with,
She saw him, he saw her, and then she saw them,
He was forgotten, unseen and unheard,
As she was enticed by everything around him rather than him.
He was alone again and again and again and
Lost hope, yet unseen, unheard,
He cried alone, unseen and unheard.
He felt jailed, and then trailed and then nailed.
And then came an angel right from above,
That he heard and was heard.
Unseen he hoped to others, and seen by her,
She saw the beauty of his invisible heart,   
Heard the naive beats that craved for the companionship of a genuine heart,
At last he was seen and heard.
She fell for him, his humble and genuine intentions.
As she fell, he held her in his arms,
Married her in his heart,
Carried her in his soul for the rest of his life of visibility that she gifted him.
As his sadness vanished,
His tears banished to his memories.
The Ghost became a reality,
As his heart was solicited,
his happiness, felicitated, with a marriage of hearts that owing to his visibility, he celebrated.
So ends the invisibility that to him became invisible,
And his visibility, that was to her noble,
As to her, he was adorable.
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