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Real Disability of Mind

Posted By Prasanna Venkatesh     March 16, 2013     325 views     0 likes     0 comments

Who is a disabled person?

One with the inability in thought? .
It is the person who fails to get up everyday, knowing he has been a failure now or all his life and lets this temporal feeling of permanence take control of his life. One who loses confidence in his ability to be alive while he lives. One who gives up living, giving up life for example.

Are whom we call "disabled", really disabled?

They are disabled by our minds to be enabled. The only people who do what their heart asks them to do. Their inability to be jealous, greedy, to compete for every damned materialistic thing, to connive to gain, to frame others for their misgivings, is what is connoted with the word ""disability"" by the disabled majority. Disabled to perceive their immortal ability of not giving importance to materialism. The only genuine friend a commoner can assure himself of and trust with inability of connivance or one who has been disabled with a noble heart to bear the frowning majority, at the very thought of disability perceived by commoners. The minority with the ability to forgive the fallacies of majority committed upon them.

It is us, the so called majority, with the disability to know their inability to perceive our negatives, who should be christened by them as "Disabled". They are differently abled to be happy in their own world of creation. They never fiddled with the thoughts or deeds of the majority. They are in their own world trying not to over-think to smile for happiness and not exert themselves too much for tears. They cry when sad, without the societal inhibition of a commoner getting to judge them. They sang aloud when they can and danced when they could, to be happy. They don't refrain thought, by wanting to be taught to be civilized, by the hypocritical common man. The God's own children protected to the core, by their human creators (parents) and the societal charitable hearted teachers of sanity.

They were never disabled, they were and are enabled by the divine to express. The only people living with the freedom of speech and expression, living true to the word freedom, in their own world.

When will i call myself a "man" of ability to empathize?

The day I can approach the differently abled by looking beneath the exterior, controlling my ability to frown at their pain, which comes all so naturally to human-beings. Recognizing the elusive independence that they crave for and i am born with. Realizing their ability to forgive their creator for differently abling them due to their inability of thought of riddles of a commoners life. Intoxicated by the beauty that he created elsewhere, he tried to be lateral in thought while creating them. He created them with his vision but forgot to give us his vision, Always making them depend on others, who spoil things with thought, for compassion and obligating others to do what they need done. That day of acceptance will be the day real empathy shall dawn on me and i shall be a "man" with the ability of empathy. For I've learnt to live beyond all that I can't have and live with that given, happily!

Let me sign off with this thought of mine:

I've always wondered that if life were to be filled with insane people as we would call them, there would be no betrayal, no melodrama, no competition, no jealousy till sane people enter the scene and spoil the broth of insanity and happiness, which to the sane is insanity.

Reference here is to Mental Disability