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The Season of Rain.

Posted By Nakul     January 30, 2013     476 views     0 likes     0 comments
Tags - #rain #earth #Time


Once the earth bled, red and green.
Time saw this and only smiled.
Why your happiness feed upon my blood,
Asked the bled earth,and Time winked.


I am witness to your fouls and love,
Love you poured on your sons,
And fouls they gave you.
Yet you ask me why I smile,
I smile as I ever did, and you cry,
As you always did.Then Earth hymned,

I bleed, yet love is my only blood,
Hate is not for mothers of solitude.
But you ‘The father’ habit hate,
For you didn’t bear your pain,
Evolving into a life upon your soul.

My destiny is sins of my sons,
And their destiny is my benevolence.

So,I am elated to be perished nourishing,
Than to burn down as a futile Venus.
Hey God! You envy my mortality,
For time never dies, and dwells in ubiquity.
You will watch all my lives and deaths,
and you will always be youthful as ever,
So, do you laugh at your karma, or me?
So, do you laugh at my win, or your tragedy?
As I see more sorrow bleeding from your smile,
Than my bleeding body and soul.

You carry the wounds of past,
The blood of your sons in present
And you behold the future and destiny,
Of your wife and sons in your chest.
Yet you can’t spell out a word of caution,
For you are the God and the Father,
Your love is enthralled by your promise,
Promise to be a dumb and a deaf.

But I ‘The Mother’ can love them,
Love them till the sun dies, and born again.
If the torment of their will is my return,
Isn’t it still a good bargain for the love ?
Love they shower me as newborns.
Love they shower me when they die,
Dissolving in my own body and soul.

Isn’t it a good bargain to bleed for them?
Those who die with me when I perish,
Those who call me home, and cry for me,
Those who fight for me, yet always loose.
Those who paint me yellow and green.

So,I see more sorrow bleeding from your smile,
Than my bleeding body and soul.
And the Time howled, with eyes closed,
His tears deluged over the Earth,
Drenching Earth and her sons, with love,
Love of ‘The Father’ and ‘The God’. 

And hence came the season of Rain.


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