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A funny kitchen story of Chole bature

Posted By Neo     January 31, 2013     559 views     0 likes     0 comments

Chole Bature Fiasco - A Laughing Riot

               My wife is a super specialist Chole Bature maker. Her art is so much recognized mutually that almost 100 % of our guest had Chole-Bature for dinner invites. If they are non-vegetarians they get to taste my dam biriyani else its a pure chole bature affair.
                                  It was one fine afternoon when she decided to make Chole-Bature for lunch. I was excited as i usually get for anything that undergoes a deep frying ceremony. I love to hog on fried foods. So all excited i returned from office for lunch. As i grabbed on the very first Batura that came to my plate i was bit confused if it was really a batura. It almost felt like i was eating pappad with chole. My crispy tear of batura was a matter of avoiding eye contacts. I consoled myself that the next batura would be absolutely fine but it came out to be even a better pappad. Finally my dear wife could not hold her patience and agreed that something was wrong. I was eating chole-pappad instead of chole bature. Both of us laughed our guts out. Subsequently she decided to make mattri out of the same dough to consume it in a more useful manner. But that too did nt help her. All i remember is that those alternative mattri rented my kitchen shelf for a couple of months due to non-consumption. 

After the incident i started teasing my wife with a parody that both of us enjoy more than the chole-bature. I am sharing the lyrics you can humm it yourself.

                             Tere haatho mein woh jadu hai
                             Tere haatho mein woh jadu hai
                             Banana chahati ho kuch aur             ( i mean bature)
                             Kuch aur bann jata hai                     ( i mean pappad).

There are many more to add. Next on the list is faithful dosa that never left the surface of pan out of sheer love and fidelity.   Wafadar Dosa jisne tawe se sacha pyar kiya.. LOL 
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